There is no such thing as TMI (too much information), when it comes to using your Neat Cup. We tried to answer everything that you might have a question on. But please feel comfortable to ask us anything else you may want to know and we will do our best to help you out.

What on earth is Neat Cup?

Neat cup is a small cup made of medical grade silicone. It is FDA approved, BPA free, dioxin free, latex free, bleach free and phthalate free. It is used instead of a tampon or a pad. It is inserted like a tampon and sits comfortably inside your vagina. It is designed to hold your flow in it until you take it out to dispose of its contents. It does not alter vaginal moisture, so it will not alter your PH (changing internal PH may lead to infections).

Umm… will it fit?

We know, it looks big! First of all, it is made of soft silicone which you will fold in order to put in and take out. Once it’s inside and fully open, it is not much than a full tampon which has expanded. You shouldn’t even feel it if it’s properly inserted.

So, how big is Neat Cup?

samll large Neat Cup

What size should I get?

The rule of thumb is, if you are under 30 and have never given birth you should get the small. And if you are over 30 and/or have given birth (whether vaginally or by c-section) large is recommended. The reasoning behind this is that vaginal muscles and hips tend to widen with age and with pregnancy.
That being said, every body is different and there may be other things to consider. There’s only a small difference in size between both models (only a few millimeters different), so many women can wear either size. But below are some other ways to help you determine which size to get.

SMALL may work for women who:
1) Are under 30 and have not given birth (vaginally or by c-section).
2) Are quite fit/ exercise a lot (specially yoga or pilates) since you may have tighter muscles.
3) Have a low, high or “hanging” cervix.
4) Are uncomfortable with tampons or gynecological exams.
5) Are virgins or a teenagers.
6) Have a light to medium/heavy flow.
7) Have bladder sensitivities.

LARGE may work for women who:
1) Have a heavy flow.
2) Are over 30.
3) Have given birth (whether vaginally or by c-section)
4) Have menorrhagia (menstrual period with excessively heavy flow).
5) Are considered plus sized.
*If you need help deciding which size to get or you think you have the wring size, contact us at help@neatcup.com

How do I use it?

You should read the complete instructions on how to insert it and ask us if you have any additional questions. Download/read them here. Make sure you wash your hands very well before you insert Neat Cup. Then relax your muscles (opening your mouth/relaxing your jaw and ensuring your shoulders are not tense, helps relax the rest of your body). Finally, try one of the three ways of folding Neat Cup and see which one is most comfortable for you. Remember to insert Neat Cup horizontally (towards your tail bone) to ensure correct positioning.

How do I fold it?

info neatcup

Here are pictures/diagrams of each of the three main ways of folding Neat Cup . You should fold neat cup before inserting it, and keep it folded until it is inside your vagina. Try all three folds and see which one works best for you.

Can I use lubricant to put it?

We do not recommend using any lubricants because over time, they may damage your cup. You may use clean water if you want to lubricate it for insertion.

I need help putting it in…

The first thing is to relax. There is a learning curve with Neat Cup . It normally takes women1-3 menstrual cycles to fully get the hang of it, so take your time. Try to not be rushed when learning how to use Neat Cup . Relaxing your vaginal muscles is crucial for insertion (and for removal). Opening your mouth/relaxing your jaw and ensuring your shoulders are not tense (like all scrunched up) will help relax the rest of your body.

The second thing is to try a different folding method. See folding methods below:

info neatcup

The third thing is to try a different body position. Do not try to put it on while lying down or squatting, as these positions will not allow it to enter freely. Sitting on the toilet or standing with one leg on the toilet work for most women. You can also try standing with you knees slightly bent.
With a little practice you will become a pro and your tampon/pad days will only be a memory.

-Wash your hands
-RELAX your body.
-Don’t lie down or squat. Sit at toilet or stand with slightly bent knees.
-Try the different folds (link to folds)
-Neat Cup sits lower than a tampon, so once fully inserted it should only sit about 1⁄2 inch into the vagina.
-Insert it horizontally, rather than vertically as you would with a tampon. -Rotate 360 degrees to ensure Neat Cup is fully open and has created a seal.

Is it messy?

Not really! You may need a few times to fully understand how to insert and remove your Neat Cup , but once you do it will be a breeze. You may get some blood on your hands,like you could with a tampon. However, the part you of your cup that you’re touching for removal is fairly clean. The main difference between this and other menstrual solutions is that you see the blood from your cycle as you dump it out into the toilet.

Does it leak?

While you are learning how to use Neat Cup , you may experience some leaks. We recommend you use a panty liner or pad until you have a full grasp of how to use it. Leaks normally occur because the cup didn’t create a seal inside your vagina or because it’s not positioned correctly. If you experience leaks, try using a different fold (link to fold diagram) and ensure you turn your cup 360 degrees after it’s inserted, in order to create a seal.
Over 50% of women report leakage while using tampons. You will be happy to know that, once you are familiar with Neat Cup , you should have no leaks whatsoever!

How do I clean it?

You may boil your cup at the beginning and end of your cycle, but this is not necessary. If you choose to do so, make sure Neat Cup is fully covered in water so you don’t risk compromising it’s integrity. Boil for 5 minutes. Ensure it is completely cooled down before using it.
Between uses, you can rinse with plenty of clean water and use a mild, unscented soap. Do not use antibacterial soaps, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, oils or other products to clean your cup as they may damage it over time and may cause irritation while using it.

How to I remove it?

We’ve talked about the seal that you created with your Neat Cup . So now it’s important to break that seal before removing it. Don’t try to pull on it and remove it without breaking the seal, as this may get very uncomfortable. Use the stem to pull it lightly towards you if you need to and then pinch the
bottom of the cup in order to break the seal. Fold the cup slightly while
removing it, so it fits as it exits and keep it upright as you take it out.
Pushing (like when you have a bowel movement) or “bearing down’ helps bring the cup lower, so many women do this to help remove the cup.
There is a learning curve on how to remove your cup, so take your time and be willing to try it several times until you can do it easily.
Your cup cannot get lost in there, since your vagina doesn’t connect with other parts of your body (in fact, it is only 4-5 inches long). So don’t worry if you have some trouble removing it at first. Relax and carefully try the techniques described above.
If you cannot remove it over a period longer than 12 hours, seek medical advice.

How often should I empty Neat Cup?

With experience you will learn to gauge how often you need to empty it on each day of your cycle. If you have a heavy cycle, we recommend that at first you empty it every 3-4 hours to prevent it from overflowing. You will quickly learn how long you can have it in.
You may safely keep it in up to 12 hours, so it’s possible that you may only have to empty it twice over a period of 24 hours! We recommend you remove and clean the cup at least 2-3 times a day.

How much can Neat Cup hold?

Neat Cup small holds (insert exact amount) and large holds (insert exact amount). That is 2-4 times as a regular tampon.

Can I swim in it?


Do yoga?


Ride a horse?


Run a marathon?

YES! You can dance, take a shower, or just lounge on your couch and watch TV. The point is that you can be free to do your normal activities and forget you’re on your period.

Can I…ahem…go to the bathroom?

Yes! You can urinate or have bowel movements without worrying about Neat Cup coming out.

How about sex?

Nope. That’s the one thing you need to take your Neat Cup off to do.

Can I use Neat Cup if I have an IUD?

Yes. Neat Cup’s position does not interfere with the IUD, because it sits much lower than it. Just like when using tampons, there is the possibility that the IUD can move or come out (specially when removing your cup, so be cautious while removing it). Check for the strings periodically to ensure your IUD it is still there. Consult your medical practitioner if you have further questions about if Neat Cup works for you.

There’s an extra options for you! (turning cup inside out)
Our two Neat Cup sizes vary only by a few millimeters. If you have a large cup and you want to see if the small would fit better, you can turn it inside out and give it a go! There will be no stem if used this way, but you can simply pinch the lower part of your cup to break the seal and remove it that way.

What if I feel like my Neat Cup is moving?

IF this happens, it means that a seal was not created. Try removing it and putting it in again. Once it is in again, rotate it 360 degrees to ensure it opens fully and creates a seal.

Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Menstrual cups have not been linked to toxic shock syndrome.

Can I return it?

If you don’t love it, we will refund you 100% of your money back. Contact us at help@neatcup.com

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