You are now a part of the movement to stay healthy and save our beautiful planet. By using Neat Cup you are reducing your ecological footprint and you’re allowing your body to experience the healthiest period possible. Thank you for caring and making the effort to create a positive impact in your life and the environment.


Made from 100% German medical-grade silicone, Neat Cup is the best alternative to tampons and pads. Since it collects your flow rather than absorbing it, Neat Cup is totally biocompatible with your body and does not alter your PH. It is flexible and moves with you as you perform your daily activities, including any extreme sport, dancing, sleeping, etc. Additionally, Neat Cup is good for the environment since one cup can last you many years if properly taken care of.


You are embarking on a life-changing journey by using Neat Cup (happy dance!). Like any change, it takes some learning and getting used to. With practice and patience you will master your Neat Cup and using it will become second nature. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.  If you run into trouble or have questions feel free to contact us at


  • 1a.  Wash your Neat Cup with mild soap and warm water.
  • 1b. You may instead boil your cup for 5 minutes in plenty of water, ensuring it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan to avoid damage.
  • 2. Practice folding your Neat Cup and get familiar with it (see diagram)
  • 3. Read and follow instructions for insertion and removal.


WASH Wash your hands and your cup with clean water and mild soap.

FOLD Use your preferred folding method and fold the cup. (See diagram)

LOOSEN UP Muscles in your vagina can relax and contract like any muscles.  If you are tense, inserting your cup will be more difficult. 

POSITION Many women prefer sitting or squatting, but you may also stand or raise one leg on the toilet.  Whatever makes you more comfortable is best.

INSERT Guide your folded Neat Cup into your vagina. Continue inserting until the stem is even with vaginal opening.  You may use water or a water-based lubricant for added comfort.

LET GO Continue to relax.  Your cup will open up and create a sealing suction. Menstrual cups sit lower than tampons, so the stem should be at your vaginal opening or about half an inch into it.

CHECK In order to avoid leaks check that a seal is formed between your body and the cup. To do so you may:

*Gently squeeze the base of the cup (not the stem) and rotate the cup slightly left and right.
*Run your finger around the cup to confirm it’s open.
*Lightly pull down on the cup.  If it doesn’t move, the seal is formed.


WASH Wash your hands with clean water and mild soap.

LOOSEN UP You can stand, sit, squat or raise a leg, but most importantly relax your body since this will make removal much easier.

LOCATE With your fingers find the base of your Neat Cup. If you can’t feel it, push with your vaginal muscles and the cup will move lower so you can reach it.

GRAB In order to break the seal, pinch the bottom of the cup (not the stem).

REMOVE Slowly pull the cup out. Moving it from side to side while you pull helps some women. As it exits the opening of your vagina you may want to fold it a bit so it fits better. Try to keep it upright to avoid spilling.

EMPTY Empty your cup into the toilet or sink. Your cup may be slippery so hold it tightly while pouring out the contents.

WASH Wash with clean water and mild soap. If in a public toilet, you may reinsert without washing. Always make sure the tiny holes are clean and open to ensure Neat Cup works well. Once convenient wash it thoroughly.


It is common to tense your body when you are experiencing something new. The tension in your body might make it harder to remove Neat Cup. Relax your body and stay calm. Neat Cup cannot get lost inside your vagina, so do not worry. While squatting or sitting on the toilet, push with your vaginal muscles to lower Neat Cup. Once you are able to grasp it with your fingers, pinch the bottom of the cup to break the seal and slowly shimmy it from side to side while pulling it out.


*If you are experiencing leaks, ensure that your cup has opened completely and is positioned correctly. To do so, run a clean finger around the base of the cup (while cup is still inside of your vagina) to ensure there are no folds and the cup has opened completely.

*If there are any folds once the cup is inserted, pinch your cup by the base and gently rotate it from side to side until it opens up completely.

*If you continue to experience leaks, you may be using the wrong size cup for your body.


Once you’re done with your period, wash your cup. You may also boil it in a pot with lots of water for 5 minutes if you want. Store it in its cotton bag or another breathable container. Do not store in a bag or plastic container to avoid mold and odors from forming.

*Caution – Do not use vinegar, bleach, alcohol, tea tree oil, petroleum based substances, or other harsh cleaning agents. Only use mild soap and water.


  • *Staying relaxed while inserting and removing is key to ease the process. This will get easier with time.
  • *You do not need to remove Neat Cup while using the toilet.
  • *Neat Cup can be used overnight.
  • *Neat Cup may be safely used up to 12 consecutive hours.
  • *Empty your Neat Cup at least 2-3 times during the day.
  • *Always wash your hands when handling your cup.
  • *Remove your cup prior to sexual intercourse.
  • *Always keep Neat Cup clean.
  • *Make sure that the tiny holes are always clean and open.
  • *If you need to lubricate your cup, use water or a water-based lubricant.
  • *With proper care, Neat Cup will last for many years.


Menstrual cups have been in use since the 1930s. They have never been linked to TSS. TSS is a rare but serious disease that may be fatal. It has been linked to prolonged use of tampons. Symptoms include sudden high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting and a rash. If you have any of these symptoms while using Neat Cup, remove it and contact your doctor.


  • *Neat Cup is not a contraceptive and will not prevent STDs.
  • *Do not use Neat Cup if you have had TSS.
  • *Keep out of reach of children, animals and direct sunlight.
  • *If you notice any damage to the cup, please discontinue use and replace.
  • *Discontinue use if you experience pain or discomfort while using Neat Cup.
  • *Do not use Neat Cup for post-natal bleeding.
  • *Neat Cup may be used while using an IUD but consult your physician prior to use.
  • *If you have or are experiencing gynecological problems please discontinue using Neat Cup and consult your physician.

Note:This user guide is informational in nature and is not offered as medical advice or in place or your doctor’s guidance. If you have any gynecological or medical concerns/conditions, please consult your physician prior to using Neat Cup.

Disclaimer: Users of Neat Cup do so at their own risk. Neither Neat Cup nor its retailers assume any liability or responsibility for the use of Neat Cup.

*Neat Cup’s design may be changed for improvements without notice.

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