Small Turquoise

Small Turquoise

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Neat Cup is a small cup made of medical grade silicone. It is FDA approved, BPA free, dioxin free, latex free, bleach free and phthalate free. It is used instead of a tampon or a pad. It is inserted like a tampon and sits comfortably inside your vagina. It is designed to hold your flow in it until you take it out to dispose of its contents. It does not alter vaginal moisture, so it will not alter your PH (changing internal PH may lead to infections).

SMALL may work for women who:

  • Are under 30 and have not given birth (vaginally or by c-section).
  • Are quite fit/ exercise a lot (specially yoga or pilates) since you may have tighter muscles.
  • Have a low, high or “hanging” cervix.
  • Are uncomfortable with tampons or gynecological exams.
  • Are virgins or a teenagers.
  • Have a light to medium/heavy flow.
  • Have bladder sensitivities.

LARGE may work for women who:

  • Have a heavy flow.
  • Are over 30.
  • Have given birth (whether vaginally or by c-section)
  • Have menorrhagia (menstrual period with excessively heavy flow).
  • Are considered plus sized.